December 11, 2015 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…


Who’s Next?
What’s the name of the generation that comes after the Millennials, currently defined as between the ages of 18-34? Why not ask them? The survey result, produced by a generation who proclaims optimistically that they can make the world a better place, is kinda inspiring. 


This Just May Be the Year
…that digital video’s cannibalism of terrestrial TV is numerically visible
. That said, how much is a 0.4% slide really worth? Because while national TV’s sales model, the Upfront Marketplace, is taking a beating, the demand for scatter inventory is still high. And live sports has never been more valuable.  That said, here’s how Facebook is taking advantage of growing video viewing habits


Extremism:  140 Characters or Less
Facebook and Twitter are quietly waging their own war on terrorists who leverage social media platforms. It’s a bit more complicated than one might think because Facebook, Google and Twitter are global companies, trying to create playing rules for many different societies. Here’s the wonderful and scary thing about social media’s impact on our world today, and not just in terms of fighting violent extremism: Social media creates a virtuous circle of reinforced viewpoints. I like to bake and travel national parks, so my social media feed is full of recipes and nature photos. Publishers pay to have that content targeted to me, so I’ll click on their sites. Marketers pay to have products and goods targeted to me, based on those actions and preferences. If you politically conservative – your feed is full of Obama-bashing headlines. If you politically liberal – your feed is full of disingenuous Republicans headlines. Now imagine you’re into radical Islam – guess what? There’s content for that too.This new world makes it deceivingly easy to validate preconceived notions, even reinforcing them with fabricated news. If your point of view is reinforced over and over, then it’s super easy to say “I’m right and you’re dumb,” I’m glad the social media titans – as well as Anonymous – are doing something to combat terrorism. But please, dear reader, beware of your own brain-washing propaganda. Cause it feels to good to feel superior. 


Friday Funday: Happy Hollandaise!
Here’s a super cute greeting card from one of our digital partners. Read at your own risk and only if you’ve experienced auto correct FAIL…And speaking of fails, OMG – are you an Instagram Husband? Click here if you fall victim to the selfie culture


Friday Freebie
Register here for a free webinar on how to advertise on Instagram. Click here for the most shared video ads of 2015, according to HubSpot.




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