Challenge: Iron Mountain, an international storage company, wanted to test the impact of branding ad units and messaging to lead=gen services.

Primary Measure of Success (KPI): Site traffic and engagement metrics of exposed versus control markets.

Strategy: Primary and secondary research was leveraged to first determine that SMB owners highly index against radio usage, preferring sports and news formats. Next, a weighted variable model was built to identify market opportunity to select four test markets. The model measured top SMB density and business “health index” as well as radio costs. Local disc jockeys were hired to read spots. To ensure authenticity, DJs were met by local Iron Mountain employees, who relayed Iron Mountain’s value proposition and its history of storing the nation’s most iconic images and historical documents.

Tactics: Six new radio spots – a :60, four :30s and a :10 – were produced to support the Iron Mountain brand and service lines. A partnership with Pandora provided full national coverage and segment targeting. Additionally, a group negotiation with local CBS-owned sports and news stations in four markets – Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia – provided extra coverage in the priority metros.


    • Primary KPI: Overall signals of engagement of exposed versus control markets.
    • Additional Noteworthy Performance:
      • Boston Ad Club Winner: Best Use of Radio
      • Total site traffic increased 9%
      • Site traffic from Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia increased 17%, 8% and 8%, respectively
      • Organic search traffic increased 11%
      • Call volume increased 29%
      • Sales leads increased 55%
      • Closed deals increase 16%