Challenge: Move WBZ-TV, in the Boston market, upwards in ranking from third place spot it occupied.

Primary Measure of Success (KPI): Upward movement in network ranking.

Strategy: First, identify the audience group most likely to ‘churn’, which was determined through first-party data insights to be female viewers. Then, develop robust out-of-home plans on video screens, to drive increased consumption of CBS content to that audience – ultimately increasing the stickiness and loyalty of consumption of that network.

Tactics: Screens indexing against females were purchased in shopping malls and transportation centers based on qualitative consumer insights research that said women are the most likely news viewer conquests. Mediastruction identified the inventor of the nail dryer, Lanel, and collaborated to build a screen system attached to Lanel dryers. Women who visited nail salons on Boston’s iconic shopping street, Newbury Street, were treated to video content at eye level.

Results: WBZ-TV news ratings rose to #1 in the Boston market. Additionally, an ad recall study noted that recall was near-100%.