Challenge: Rockland Trust Bank needed to raise brand awareness and sales among B2B customers in a fiercely competitive market.

Primary Measure of Success (KPI): Cost per incremental sale and return on investment.

Strategy: First, third-party research identified newspaper as a trusted medium among small to medium sized business owners. Then, simulation modeling identified a positive ROI from historical investment in newspapers. But continued shrinking readership presented the challenge of scaling brand presence via print. So, Mediastruction creatively redefined “print” for its go-to-market strategy.

Tactics: Mediastruction negotiated a holistic package, including several “never been done” elements:

  • Launch of Boston Globe’s “Talking Points” sponsorship, news section of the paper, highlighting snippets of breaking business news.
  • Launch of “native” team to write custom content, amplified on Globe’s and bank’s earned and owned channels.
  • Digital banner ads on and
  • Sponsor of event series, themed “Moving from Small to Big,” featuring business celebrities. Valued clients and potential clients of the bank were invited.
  • Out of home exposure with wrapped delivery trucks and honor boxes

Results: Media OmniVu™ model measured the Boston Globe activation as its own media touchpoint, quantifying its contribution to sales.

  • The Boston Globe’s 2019 ROI was approximately $200,000 across multiple products.