Challenge: Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, a Dermatology brand’s offices would be making a switch to telehealth. The client aspired to launch a campaign focused on their new teledermatology practice, but search volume around “teledermatology” was minimal prior to the pandemic, so keyword trends around that term was minimal. It was anticipated that the concept of telehealth was going to take off during the pandemic, so Mediastruction sought to take ownership of top, telederm-related search results positions as quickly and effectively as possible.

Primary Measure of Success (KPI): The performance of the SEO changes was gauged on the agency’s ability to obtain top positions on critical relevant keywords, and demonstrate significant inbound site traffic increases.

Strategy: Mediastruction used a combination of its SEO toolset and the available data on Google trends to identify the highest-volume keywords and topics in the category – looking across both the ‘teledermatology’ narrow keyword set as well as the broader ‘telehealth’ ad groups. That data was used to inform the development of content pages within the client’s website around those keywords and topics. Technical SEO was leveraged heavily in the development of those pages to ensure they would be positively ranked by Google, and therefore drive up the client’s search results positions.

Results: Organic traffic drove over 4,500 visits to the teledermatology pages to date. The client’s website ranks highly for teledermatology keywords including the top position for “teledermatology services.” The client continues to have visibility and valuable real estate on the Search Engine Results Pages.