Mediastruction data policy as of January 1, 2019.

  • 1. Compliance with applicable State and Federal law. We take great care to ensure our work is in conformance with State and Federal law, however we are not providing services which typically require compliance or legal review.
  • 2. Information retention. We will retain information you provide to us for approximately 6 months after conclusion of the project, so we can be in a position to answer any follow up questions you may have. At the end of that time, your proprietary data will be deleted. The only work we will continue to keep is our work product, or publicly available information about markets and trade areas.
  • 3. How long are records maintained. See above.
  • 4. Insurance coverage. We maintain workman’s comp, business liability, errors and omissions, and data coverage. Insurance binder provided upon request.
  • 5. Background checks. Background checks are performed when employees were hired.
  • 6. Bonding. Employees are not bonded but are covered by the insurance described above.
  • 7. Data security. We use AWS Transfer for SFTP, an industry standard secure file transfer and secure file storage protocol, to exchange information to and from our clients, and Amazon Work Docs to store our data. Access is restricted to the specific portion of the project, by individual. We can track log-on and access by individual. Furthermore, we will not access your customer files or systems, but will rely on your staff to provide any appropriate data.
  • 8. Data encryption. Sensitive data is maintained in Amazon Work Docs secure site; however, we do not anticipate requesting data that requires this level of sensitivity.