We believe that SEO is foundational and that the synergy between SEO & paid media creates a virtuous circle of exposure > engagement > action. To that end, we will often begin a digital engagement with an SEO analysis to determine potential for optimization. Why amplify paid media before your organic search infrastructure is sound?

Bonnie Herman is Mediastruction’s SEO Director. Bonnie has over 13 years of experience in global digital marketing. She is highly skilled in SEO, link and citation management and Google Analytics audits, as well as SEO code implementation (SCHEMA, META Data, GA Tracking) across a variety of CMS/Platforms & UX/Heatmapping. Notable client experience includes: Walmart (Grocery), Talbots, Rockland Trust Bank & Wayfair.

Paid Performance: Programmatic + Search

Smart, seasoned peer-to-peer management + cutting-edge adtech = exponential results. Mediastruction’s team is passionate about reverse engineering success, creating custom digital solutions using the latest ad tech & modeling with Mediastruction’s data science offerings.

Justin Brown is a product management and digital media management expert, with over 20 years of experience. Recently, Justin was at edX as head of product. Justin designs digital media solutions, blueprinting user experience with ad-tech and marketplaces. Justin helped build advanced ad platforms at OwnerIq and managed ad operations at NameMedia. Justin is a Northeastern Graduate.

Sean Mclaughlin is a seasoned digital-performance expert, with over 15 years experience, both with agencies and ad-tech. Sean has held positions at Ve Global, Digitas and Haystagg.

Michael Ouellette has over 20 years digital media experience, having led teams at numerous ad-tech and media buying companies. He’s worked in programmatic, SEM, social and affiliate marketing. Mike has held leadership positions with OwnerIQ, Commission Junction and Verisign.

Data Analytics

If data metrics is the “what,” then data analytics is the “so what.” Mediastruction builds bespoke dashboards to combine data sets from media delivery, website & consumer response. Using a data visualization tool, we create a single repository for what is being delivered to consumers and how they are responding in turn.

Shanting (Sandy) Hsu is Mediastruction’s Data Analyst. Sandy enjoys the process of making & communicating data-driven decisions. With a background in sales & marketing, and an undergraduate degree in business administration. Sandy also has a masters of integrated marketing from New York University. She is experienced in Google Analytics, Google Ads, Spss, JMP & Tableau.

Our Tools

Google DV360

Google Ad Manager

SEM Rush



Custom neural network for attribution across channels


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