January 6, 2017 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…

With the proliferation of smart devices, along with a proliferation of nefarious hacking schemes, routers are being set up to prevent Internet of Things hijacking.Which is good news because a new study from BabyCenter finds that 70% of parents in the US now own an Internet of Things device, saying it saves time and helps them be a better parent. These are devices like Amazon dash button, to make ordering household goods easier; internet-connected TVs, furthering time-shift viewing; baby-health tracking devices; health-fitness devices and so on. In fact, mothers’ ownership of virtual assistant speakers, like Amazon Echo or Google Home, has doubled in the last six months. One of the most interesting stats: Over half of parents report they sometimes say “thank you” to their virtual assistants. Only sometimes?
Rat out a criminal. Police in Arkansas think a murder suspect’s Echo smart speaker might reveal important clues on a potential hot-tub murder. Authorities have petitioned mobile phones, laptops, social media and the Warcraft game for evidence. But researchers believe this is the first investigators versus smart home debate.
Uber Ascending
If the idea of artificial parenting or artificial sleuthing blows your mind, this research from Statista might be surreal: The valuation of ride-sharing companies is higher than traditional auto companies. For example, Uber, valued at $62.5 billion, is valued above General Motors, which has been around over a century. And it’s creeping up on the valuation of Volkswagen. As an aside, the valuation is interesting considering Uber is still a privately owned company, unlike traditional auto players. Uber is one good example of the new “de-equitized” landscape, where the number of US-listed companies has declined by over a third since 1997. Last year, 26 tech companies IPO’d, raising $4.3 billion. Simultaneously, other private tech companies raised funds 809 times, for $19 billion. Private ownership allows patient capital, sometimes needed to work things out, like whether the company uses an ad-support model.
If the Idea of Artificial Parenting or Artificial Sleuthing Blows Your Mind
Check out this list of TV show fatalities. What isn’t fatal? The evolution of TV as a device. Read here the best TVs from this week’s Consumer Electronics Show. Let’s just say that one of the TV’s is so drool-worthy as to be in the “ridiculous” category. Reviewer says, “should…not….exist.” Among other Best Innovation winners: a food recycler, a personal identity wearable bracelet; a smart bed and a ceiling tile that delivers wireless power without plugs and pads. Why didn’t I think of that? Genius!
It doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. Particularly helpful for small to mid-size B2B marketers.


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