March 28, 2014 MediaStruction

Media Trends to Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week….
82% of Americans say they ignore online ads. And, yet, online ads are one of the most efficient media purchases, in terms of CPM, target-ability, conversion ROI and scale. It’s just really, really hard to drive brand lift. Here are some tactics to make readers pay better attention.

Speaking of making online readers notice your advertising, this is a useful primer for in-image online ad units. Provides definition, case study and best practices.


Who to believe – Nielsen or Comscore? One of them is grossly misreporting video views. And yet Nielsen continues to have a monopoly, ever growing with its acquisition of Arbitron.


The new NBA commissioner says corporate logos on players’ jerseys is an advertising tactic, whose time has come. He predicts activation within 5 years. What would be the funniest sponsor on the back of an NBA star? Harrah’s Casinos?


Facebook spends $2B on alternate reality company “Oculus.” Pay no attention to the rumor Zuckerberg initiated purchase after seeing movie “Her,” about dude who falls in love with his computer. Because we started it.


Apple and Comcast announce a partnership this week. We’d like to think this is Big Cable’s way to help those wanting a la carte service, as is available via Apple TV. But we’re skeptical it’s anything more than another platform to view Comcast content, which must be bought via bundled subscription.
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