May 9, 2014 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week….


Photos that look organic actually perform better than stock photos. Ad Age attributing Instagram, but we think this is the era of authenticity. Consumers are bombarded with ads, so marketers are moving toward content that feels “native.”


I find the “sharing economy” interesting. Companies like “Airbnb,” whose business model relies on monetization by way of connecting consumers and sharing their interests. The most interesting thing in this article is not the need to share more data. It’s the thought that every individual is developing a digital footprint, going so far as to include a “reliability” quotient.
This merger is going to make it much easier to develop scale for purchasing ads in movie theaters. Advertising recall is quite impressive in this medium.
TV “binge viewing” is on the rise. One drawback cited: lapse in personal hygiene. Funny this article doesn’t mention the marketer’s hangover: binge viewers skip commercials.

Google buys Adometry. an advertising attribution company. This purchase essentially says that Google’s own attribution modeling is flawed, perhaps biased. Our advertisers struggle with media mix modeling and what we call “last-stop” attribution (the last media exposure gets all the credit.) It will be interesting to see how Google helps solve this dilemma, and whether it models both online AND offline channels, for both online and in-store sales.


Nielsen ratings in Boston have been head-scratching. There are approximately 600 Nielsen households in Boston. If you consider a “1” rating point represents 1% of the TV audience, then it only takes 6 households in Boston to significantly change ratings. Spot market TV advertiser, you may want to read this letter.


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