May 30, 2014 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week….

Creating really good out of home ads are a challenge. Here’s a recently launched handy tool to see how your creative looks to scale. You’ll want to bookmark this.

Wearables with mini EEG machines to read your mind and serve ads. This sounds like a nightmare way beyond what George Orwell imagined in the book “1984.”


Good parents understand they sometimes need to “let go” and allow their kids to make their own choices. Without patronizing, there seems to be an analogy when companies “let go” and allow/encourage employees to provide content about their employer via social media. Here’s an interesting case study where Deloitte did just that to much success, particularly as it relates to recruitment.



Speaking of social media, here’s a quick read on how brands are using Instagram.



It is called “the internet of things,” which simply means many of our everyday items are to be controlled via the internet. We’re talking refrigerators, lights and watches in addition to garage doors, security systems and eye glasses. Read here about Apple’s unveiling of its “Jetsons-style home innovation.” We’re curious, though, without more internet bandwidth, how “Jetsons” smart can we really get?


And speaking of the “internet of things,” click here for a Pew Research brief on how the internet will impact life in 2025.


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