February 6, 2015 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week….


In the spirit of kid-parent rebellion and Murphy’s Law, this is a sure-fired way to force kids into adult-friendly territory.

Pareto’s Principle
20% of apps account for 80% of mobile time. Read which apps are the most popular here.

Super Bowl Ads Killed
Wondering which ad won the Super Bowl meter award? You can bet it wasn’t the Nationwide “dead kid” spot, which, pardon the awful pun, got killed in social media. Otherwise there was a nearly palpable ad creatives’ lust for retro 70s this Super Bowl. McDonald’s aNd Coke want more love in the world. Snickers’ went Brady Bunch. Then there was the softie men (dads) and empowered women overcoming amputations and defining what it really means to “throw like a girl.” Even the aging boomers, having been at their peak in the 70s, had wisdom to impart.

Super ROI
Interesting question about what a Super Bowl ad costs and what it delivers. Borrowing from what small budgets know, you can buy a hell of a lot of mobile impressions for the cost of one Super Bowl ad. But not all impressions are the same. How much time and space does a banner ad allow for branding? And does a banner ad, even rich media, win the viral extensions of a well-crafted Super Bowl spot?

Perpetual Motion
Instagram unveils a continual loop feature for video. So now video runs continuously with no pause feature, giving marketers reassurance that their ad will be played. Fortunately, for consumers, this feature won’t cause any additional data use.

Gone Native
In case you haven’t been convinced that native advertising is “all that” then read here about content amplification firm Taboola’s raise of over $100 million.



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