February 24, 2015 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week….

Live From New York
In case you didn’t get enough Saturday Night Live during last weekend’s anniversary special, here are 40 years worth of its best advertising spoofs.

Quiznos Turns Off TV
Quiznos has dropped traditional TV advertising for online video. We’ve been talking a lot about establishing clear expectations for online video performance. Online video is kind of like that awkward teenager, not quite an adult but too big for a car seat. Meaning, when one compares the efficiency of online video – CPM and easy measurement – to TV, online video is a big kid. But when one compares the efficiency of online video – for conversion tracking – to search, or even display, online video is awkward and inefficient. If you hope to reach an audience that is increasingly moving away from traditional TV, there are many online video options, from YouTube optimizers to programmatic to audience targeting of light TV viewers.  And before you take too much stock in Quiznos’ screen strategy, read about Fiji water’s launch of its first traditional television campaign.


Please Just Give Me My Big Mac Please
Here’s one victim’s hilarious, mortifying take when she was asked to dance for her breakfast.  You may have read our contention that consumers crave authenticity. As evidence: Just this week, a non-photo-shopped picture of Cindy Crawford, tummy cellulite, stretch marks and all, was allegedly “accidentally” leaked to the media. And she was applauded. Which makes us think of McDonald’s. Hold on, this isn’t a non-sequitur. Remember that “Lovin It” Super Bowl spot? Where customers were randomly selected to win a free meal with certain “lovin it” actions – like hugging a child or greeting a stranger. The campaign that sort of, kind of, looked authentic, but made you wonder if it was more reality-show authentic.  What might happen if McDonald’s created a campaign that essentially said, “We know our food isn’t the healthiest option. So we’re going to stop pretending with apple slices in the kid’s meal. But sometimes you just gotta have some salty fries and a three-bite hamburger. Sometimes you’re in a hurry; sometimes you were overserved the night before. Do you need it? No. Do you want it? Yes. Life’s short. Indulge from time to time.”


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And speaking of mobile…
It is possible to target a mobile advertising campaign by device. If you are a marketer, looking to reach luxury brand shoppers, here’s a hint: iPhone 6 users are lucrative smartphone shoppers, with spending 258% higher than the average shopper.




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