March 6, 2015 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week


Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…


Approximately 94% of preroll ads on YouTube are skipped after the first five obligatory minutes of viewing. Nevertheless, many marketers run traditional 30-second spots or video that’s just way too long. Geico invented this brilliant, must-see solution. Check it out this one too.


Did you see the meme last week about that dress with the ambiguous color stripes? Some saw it as gold and white; others as blue and black. It was a viral sensation. Read here about the BuzzFeed employee who made it happen.


This week Nielsen spent $200 million to acquire a powerful digital management platform, eXelate. We’ll be following the implications of integrating online data with offline media. The sophistication of the move is ironically humorous when one considers the Nielsen criticism by ratings watch groups regarding continuance of diary measurement in half the US.Gotta admire the tactic as a smart hedge should sample-based research get replaced with actual data.


And along the lines of “the power of data” – Who would have guessed digital advancements in targeting have made offline print catalogs stronger? Not only are traditional retailers, like Anthropologie, relaunching catalogs, but even e-retailers like Birchbox, have started mailing catalogs. Here’s one tip: marketers are discovering that customers with a multi-channel brand relationship spend 4x other customers.


Here’s a fun viral sensation – Canadians are “Spocking the hell” out of $5 bills. While not illegal, the Bank of Canada finds it a huge inconvenience. Wish we had thought of that.


And speaking of “why didn’t we think of that,” remember the Boston guy who’s been selling snow vials for like $80? This woman used the genius of social dating mobile app “Tinder” to get her car shoveled out.


And, finally, treat yourself to this 3-minutes of feel-good. This is a beautiful execution of challenging our biases, developed as a PSA from the Ad Council, and running red-hot on social media.
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