Media Trends To Watch This Week

May 1, 2015
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May 1, 2015 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…

Using Restaurant Design To Catch Millennials

In many ways – take Baltimore riots – it seems nothing has changed. But look at McDonald’s balance sheet and one can see so many things have changed. Read here for lessons from restaurant designs that attract Millennials. Smart note for marketers looking toward the future.


How Rue La La Lures Customers to ‘Must-see Shopping

Speaking of consumer behavior changes: What a novel concept – a retailer understanding that time is important. Too bad big-box stores, where one requires a backup water replenishment station to walk from parking lot to sales floor, didn’t pick up on time-starved working Americans a bit earlier.


Conde’s Gated Inventory Community

Conde Nast has announced it will not list its “bespoke” digital inventory on an exchange, an interesting proclamation when so much of media is moving programmatic. While other publishers are aggregating to offer scale, there’s one little problem that scale creates – commoditization. And, just sometimes, commoditization of inventory isn’t a sustainable business model.


Facebook Says ‘Hello

Facebook to launch “Hello, ” a new app that allows your mobile phone to connect with Facebook when you receive a call, so you know who is calling, block unwanted calls and search for people and places.Go ahead and add another nail to the Yellow Pages model. We will be tracking the app’s functionality in allowing businesses to list numbers and hours of operation and click to call pushes. Imagine a digital Yellow Pages, with images and need-to-know content.

Google’s Project Fi
And while on the subject of digital competition: Google is launching a “project wifi” wireless product to compete with Verizon and AT&T. It’s a cellular wifi-first model, meaning that Android mobile devices will prefer wifi to cell data, curtailing consumers’ insatiable need for cellular data. In this case, cell data will only be used only when wifi isn’t available, which will create a nice reduction of monthly cell phone bills. I can’t help but be reminded of the movie, “Kingsman: The Secret Service” where the Samuel Jackson villain gave away free connectivity in order to install an explosive device against all humanity.Thank goodness Google’s motto is “Don’t Be Evil.”




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