May 18, 2015 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…
Verizon buys up AOL
…Which may seem weird considering Time Warner’s less than storied history with AOL – that merger considered one of the biggest fails of all time. And thus we’re back to the content versus carriage debate because AOL is actually a video content powerhouse, second only to Google and YouTube in unique views. As Christopher Mims at WSJ said,this deal positions Verizon as more than a “dumb pipe” company.  
TV Upront Madness
Pipes investing in content, content providers investing in technology, it’s all about the future of TV. Which reminds me that this week was the network TV upfronts. Read here about the madness and one writer’s death pool predictions for the shows that will be canceled.
Rocketfuel Is For Sale
Gravity4 makes a bid for the demand-side platform. Which just goes to show how quickly things change in the ad tech space, considering Rocketfuel just IPO’d in 2013 and was considered the most successful ad-tech IPO of that year.  Oops, but then Google made grumblings about shedding cookies, which could limit Rocketfuel’s ability to behaviorally target, posing a huge risk to Rocketfuel’s model.
Amazon Prepares Drone Strike
There was the 60 Minutes interview, but now the patent information is out. Click here to read about Amazon’s detailed plans for drone service. Will this be another chink in the mortar of brick and mortar?  


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