June 5, 2015 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…
More than 20 major brands are reviewing their media agencies
…Leaving billions of ad dollars in flux, a highly unusual scenario. Ad Age calls it “Mediapalooza 2015.” Several theories have been floated, but we find the most interesting influencer theories familiar to agencies our size: Need for transparency; need for nimble, cross-channel trained talent; need for channel agnostic media strategies and planning. Sound familiar? We envision the future unique sales proposition for media agencies more heavily focused on strategy, planning and analytics. And our agency’s growth is focused on that direction. The problem is, our compensation is still built against transaction. That has to change.

Speaking of evolutions
…According to Forrester Research, online adverting will outspend broadcast TV in just a few years.Ten years ago this was inconceivable. What will the next 10 years mean?

Apples In The Attic
Wait, what? A mystery woman, whose husband had passed away and was cleaning out the garage, left a box of his computer stuff at a Silicon Valley recycling center. The guys there noticed what looked like an original Apple Computer worth $200,000. The best part of this story? The fact that in Silicon Valley even the recycling staff is ridiculously smart. In my town, those guys are lucky to spell “vintage” much less be able to identify a tech treasure.

There’s quite a bit of research and investment in smart wearables
…devices with feedback technology built into things we wear, like the Fitbit.  Is this company taking things a bit too far with its “smart bra”? I’m pretty sure I saw this in a James Bond movie.
Brands we’ve grown up with in the grocery store are disappearing
… because they’re not keeping pace with consumer demand for healthy and sustainable choices. The interesting read here is the effect of social media and how much more quickly and easily food evangelism can spread.
Facebook, you know you’ve hit the “big time”
… when a Supreme Court decision has you at its focus. This week the Supreme Court ruled in favor of moderately psychotic speech – well, it was only kind of a death threat. That said, I’m not sure this was a vote in favor of free speech or a reinforced perception that women are irrational. Read more here.
“Buy Now On Instagram and Pinterest
Two visually-focused social sites are increasing ad abilities, by initiating tools like “buy” buttons. We love this for all sized B2C brands with visual appeal.  More here:    TechCrunch 

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