June 19, 2015 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…

Tapping Brand Engagement 

Mobile advertising can be a difficult tactic to sell through under branding budgets. Even when qualitative research tells us certain demographics – like millennial moms – are tethered to their devices. Read here about a super engaging mobile ad unit, “Tapestry,” designed to tell brand story. Even if we’re not quite sure how we’ll measure it.  


ANA Studies Media Buying 

The Association of National Advertisers has announced its investigation of opaque media compensation arrangements. An independent consultant will review items like trading desks, programmatic media and barter practices. The timing is interesting, even as marketers signal a desire to double-down on programmatic because of its alleged efficiency. The model of an auction system, cutting out a middle man, appears efficient, but the problem is no one knows what anyone is making. As a colleague said this week at a programmatic conference, “where there is margin, there is murkiness.” 



Clinton and Bush running for president. Jurassic and Vegas Vacation movies. This is a good time for those of us having trouble remembering what year it is. That said, there is one difference: Product Placement. Politicians will leverage behavioral data to serve targeted ads. And movie makers have learned there is more than one revenue stream. For the fans of Jurassic World, critiqued for over-the-top merchandising, perhaps the studio learned the lesson a bit too well. My favorite Tweet: “I really enjoyed Coca-Cola’s Jurassic World brought to you by Verizon featuring Beats By Dre.”


Samsung Invests in Sigfox 

Although Samsung was one of the guilty offenders in the Jurassic advertisement, you gotta give them creds. They’re investing heavily in the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things, for example a Fitbit, allows users to appreciate feedback. Fitbit can tell you how many steps you’ve taken each day, incentivizing your competitive nature to take more steps. But there’s one more thing – the data is a marketer’s gift. We use data from GPS systems, for  Out of Home planning – smart mapping against traffic tie-ups. If there’s a choice between two billboards on the same roadway, we want the one where traffic is most likely tied up. Imagine what we’ll learn from the data aggregation of refrigerators, smart watches and clothes.


Broadcast, Cable Viewing Numbers Drop

Terrestrial television numbers were down in May, which is kinda sad considering May is one of the year’s most important viewing months. Why is May important? Because the TV industry still pivots around a “sweeps” model. In the past, television was measured quarterly, during “sweeps,” which would project viewing for the rest of the year. Networks gamed the system by airing must-see specials during sweeps, like a Caitlyn Jenner interview. Sweeps programming mentality still exists and yet… viewing continues to decline. What isn’t declining?  Online viewing, whose numbers are up.



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