November 6, 2015 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…
Mobile Momentum
As advertisers are looking to expand reach against consumers who are looking to block ads, mobile video ad spending triples in 2015. Look around you in any airport or train station. Mobile devices are getting larger and usage more prolific. Generation Z, having been mobile proficient since car-seat age, doesn’t care on which device desired content is aired. They want content when it’s convenient, regardless of platform.

Constant Contact Acquired

Constant Contact was acquired by Massachusetts neighbor Endurance International for over $1 billion. The email marketing service will join Endurance International’s portfolio of products for small to medium business owners; for example,  web hosting. With combined forces, this could make an interesting competitor to HubSpot.


Everybody Salute
Congress investigates the Department of Defense, which paid professional sports leagues millions of dollars for patriotic displays at games. Is this an obnoxious raid on the treasury or brilliant in-product promotion for an all-volunteer military, trying to prevent the need for a draft? Considering the cost of a :30-second spot in the NFL, the largest recipient of these marketing dollars, is close to three quarters of a million dollars, $6 million for emotionally charged in-product placement, over several years, seems like a bargain.


File Under:  Why Didn’t I Think of That??
Apple is launching an app to allow users to measure indoor spaces
. It will essentially be a crowdsourced map of indoor areas. So no excuse to get lost in the mall.


Table Setting
As a working mom, who scrambles to make time for family dinner most nights, I admit to a personal bias in this campaign from Vanity Fair napkins.That said, you’ve got to hand it to the genius in getting to the emotion of napkin sales – and all the social ad extensions that follow. The process of discovering the heart, creating the story and building the engagement channels and is harder and more expensive than it looks.




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