November 13, 2015 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…

Starbucks brewed up quite the controversy this week when it went stark in its holiday cup design, saying that the plain red cup was meant to be a tableau for anyone’s story. Perhaps Dunkin’ drinking evangelicals prematurely pushed the “War On Christmas” button, assuming a slight, when the Starbucks statement was meant to be inclusive of cultures who might celebrate Kwanzaa or Hanukkah or hibernation. It should be noted that Starbucks does sell a Christmas blend and an advent calendar. To those fans who think the Starbucks cup is more of an accessory than a cup of coffee, I understand your disappointment. To the Starbucks haters, at least they’re not asking you to discuss race relations. 

Sometimes the Simplest Solution Is the Best
Read here
the various ways marketers use attribution to tie in-store sales to mobile marketing. Plot spoiler: mobile coupon, tracked via redemption, is rated #1.
Banking Apps Lacking
Boston Globe research reports that smart device users don’t love their banking apps, instead preferring financial lifestyle advice apps that track spending.  Read here which banks and app utilities scored highest with consumers. And in the news of banking and mobile devices, Apple, according to Wall Street Journal, is in talks with banks to create a mobile payment system to rival PayPal.
Reach…For the Popcorn
With declining ratings and disruptive technology, gone are the days of terrestrial TV as the primary basis of a media plan. Who’s picking up the difference? One of the players is cinema, a “can’t turn it off” medium, targeting consumers with demonstrable disposable income, in a receptive mindset, on a big screen, with emotionally-charged content.


TV Networks Running Scared
In the spirit of following consumers’ interest, some television networks have decided to cut the number of commercials in order to woo younger viewers. In fact, one of the networks has pledged to cut the number of primetime ads in half.


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