November 19, 2015 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…


Some Interesting Facebook Evolutions This Week
First, Facebook is getting into virtual reality video in a big way. The first 360 brand video will come from brands AT&T, Corona, Nescafe, Ritz Crackers, Samsung and Walt Disney World. We see this as a huge opportunity for travel and tourism brands. In other news, Facebook’s “safety check” was a useful feature  for families hoping to reach loved ones in the aftermath of Paris bombings. The feature acts like a reverse 911 call, prompting any Facebook user within the danger geography, to check in with an “I’m safe” update. 


Press Play
There are many ways we can 1:1 target consumers online – demographic, behavioral, contextual, geographical, etc. But in this genius move, some marketers are getting really strategic and targeting journalists, as influencers.  Which brings to question a whole new level of objective journalism. 


Enjoy The Holiday
In an about-face of past holiday shopping trends, these retailers aren’t opening this Thanksgiving. While closing is strategically positioned, via earned media, as a magnanimous gesture, it also makes smart business sense. Thanksgiving sales often cannibalize Black Friday. And staffing is a nightmare


The World’s Angriest Ad Campaign
Billboards, license plates, apps, infomercials, stationary, social media, videos, a call center and English-language magazine. These are the direct marketing tools of ISIS, the radical religious group creating a 7th century dystopia, and yet effectively leveraging modern communication for recruitment. What makes the marketing so powerful is its borderless geographical ability to seduce new recruits and incite terror. Thinking about the propaganda efficacy of World War II, and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Office of War Information, perhaps — rather than meeting the foe purely with force — we should “out-advertise” ISIS. Alfred Hitchcock was hired to create French anti-Nazi propaganda movies. And the French underground forces installed posters to motivate the army.  Anonymous is working on hacking ISIS Twitter accounts. What would be the next smart move in an anti-ISIS ad campaign? 


Fun Memes To Jumpstart Your Weekend
Love this video of a modern, social-media version of Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic.” And any parent will find these images authentic, humorous and relatable, all the pillars of a good ad campaign. If you have kids, you’ve been there, done that and bought the T-shirt.


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