November 27, 2015 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…


New Targeting Tool
Mobile advertising network Millennial Media announced this week a new tool, serving mobile ads to devices based on previous TV ad exposure of that device user. This kick-butt application allows multi-touchpoint ad sequencing to multi-tasking viewers. Who wants to let us test this?

15 Random Facts About Millennials
Here’s an interesting one: According to Forrester Research, in the year 2025, half adults under the age of 32 will no longer pay for traditional cable subscription. 

Fake Campaign, Real Issue
And on the subject of Millennials, this fake water ad campaign, making a point about saving the environment, does a brilliant job of capturing every self-absorbed, live for the moment Gen Digital cliche. My favorite line: “Who gives a sh*t about the future. At least we’re hydrated.”

The Shame Game
With all the investment brands make in social media community management, this report says that, essentially, talk is cheap. In fact, even in the midst of outrage, virally spread via social media, very few people actually change behavior. If you have a million people expressing outrage, maybe 100 people will actually do something about it.   Attention spans are increasingly fragmented and I might argue that continual outrage at everything from politics to business practices to sports, essentially desensitizes us. That much outrage is exhausting. Which may be why Brussels, during its lockdown, went for the hilariously absurd, focusing social media attention on kittens

On the heels of Black Friday, Comscore is predicting a record-breaking cyber Monday.



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