December 18, 2015 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…

Apple Names Periscope Top App
Periscope is a streaming video service for mobile devices, owned by Twitter. Marketers are just discovering it, not only as an acquisitional messaging tool,  but as a customer service tactic. The app is essentially a live video chat. Could also be useful for product demonstration (cough, cough, automotive?), behind the scenes at trade shows and product development, brand history, Q&A sessions, as a way to share personal experiences, etc. You can see why video is so much more powerful than almost any other medium in terms of brand engagement. Not to be outdone, of course  Facebook this week also launched live video. I mean, when Apple names a Twitter product its top app, you just knew Facebook wasn’t far behind.

Facebook Hails an Uber
Hey, and while we’re on Facebook, it launched a new deal with Uber this week where Facebook users can catch an Uber ride via FB’s messenger app.


Top Online Video DSPs
As we look to integrate online video with TV as a “TV screen” solution, here are the top three demand-side platforms for buying online video, as ranked by Forrester. Hint: Google’s YouTube isn’t one of them. And to get a broader perspective on how defining television is changing in our industry, click here for a free Forbes study on how marketers and their organization view “TV.”


Five New Technologies To Watch
Venture Beat’s take on five developing technologies marketers should watch at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. Also on the technology horizon: “Calling Dick Tracy.” This year over 100 million wearables (things you can wear with smart technology built into them) will be shipped. And, allegedly, some of the watches will go “stand alone,” meaning you won’t be obliged to also port a phone to make the device actually smart.


Friday Funday
Video of Will Ferrell shouting Christmas quiz questions at random New Yorkers. Honestly, that guy can make anything funny.




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