January 14, 2016 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…


The Golden Globes Ran Sunday Night

…Reaching over 18 million viewers, a bit south of last year’s ratings. One of the big winners was Amazon’s “Mozart in the Jungle,” a show, which, dear reader, isn’t supported with advertising. But before you get too concerned about the death of terrestrial TV, keep in mind that while the Golden Globe’s big TV program winner – “Mozart” – garnered approximately 1 million viewers, the ceremony itself had 18x that number. Read here average audience sizes of Golden Globe TV program nominees for perspective. Meanwhile, although over-the-top content providers Amazon and Netflix are having critical success, getting TV programming made is harder than it looks. Yahoo had a huge upfront spectacle last year. The results? Not a single program has aired and the head of that entertainment unit is gone. Takeaway: Everyone in the TV ecosystem is still trying to figure it out. 

Al Jazeera America TV To Shut Down
No surprise here, the company will instead focus its efforts on digital. In an environment of Muslim distrust, a media company with middle eastern roots would have challenges beyond the “unsustainable business model” cited. So why not double down on digital, where AJ can dynamically serve customized content to a click-baited audience. “Peyton Manning Takes Steroids” – click here. 
What IS “Premium”?
Like grades of beef, the word “premium” begs the question: Where is the line drawn between premium and average? This article asks some good questions about just what is “premium” in terms of digital media inventory. It also hypothesizes that premium publisher doesn’t necessarily equate to premium inventory. And premium inventory doesn’t necessarily equate to premium results. Nevertheless, programmatic is working to standardize the definition of “premium.” 
Google and Facebook Are Getting Serious About Virtual Reality.
How will marketers take advantage? Here’s one great site with case studies and video examples of top VR campaigns. Some things I’d love to see via a virtual reality headset: basketball with LeBron James; baking with Cake Boss; skiing with Lindsey Vonn; bicycling through France; and, really, just about anything with Tom Brady. 
The Whole World Is Topsy Turvy
…When Mick Jagger’s ex, Jerry Hall, announces her engagement to Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch and the latest superhero movie plot pivots on a Batman and Superman feud. But when the United States’ Director of Intelligence gets his email hacked by a group with the southern rock band name “Crackas With Attitude,” truth becomes stranger than fiction.
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