January 22, 2016 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…


Our Third-Party Server Partner, Sizmek
…is now the only ad management company with Media Ratings Council accreditation for desktop, mobile and in-app. The accreditation covers display, rich media and video. The thing about the digital advertising ecosystem is that marketers can’t ask too many “why” questions, which is, at risk of understatement, kind of a bummer. Each technology partner has its own “secret sauce,” an algorithm that would take a math genius, a bucket of coffee, a white board and several days to understand. This fact is why we depend so heavily on Media Ratings Council accreditation. So when you see those post-campaign analytics charts of clicks to conversions and traffic to exposure, please have some sympathy for the ops teams in the back office, sifting through the nuances of data collection methodology and what outcomes can be shared with confidence. 
Sounds Like a Joke
Univision buys large, controlling, stake in the Millennium-targeted satirical news site The Onion. That’s kind of like Ford Motor Company buying Birkenstock. But perhaps it’s a reflection of the cultural gumbo that the US has become. If 17% of the US population is Latino, then “minority” doesn’t mean “small” and brands like “Univision” are right to be thinking about integrated, diversified content delivery. 
New Nielsen Social Media Metric
Nielsen this week announced a new enhancement of its social media engagement measure against TV shows. This new measurement, integrating Twitter, Facebook and, shortly, Instagram, is meant as an extension to measurement of live and DVR viewing. It’s meant as an enhancement, mirroring consumers’ changing viewing patterns. Critics say that a social media mention doesn’t necessarily signify viewership of a program. We’d add that social media mention of a time-shifted program could mean the viewer skipped commercials. But where we DO see the added measurement as handy, is the audience datasets that could be created against the social media posters. For example, Twitter posters who talk about The Walking Dead also prefer beer drinking over wine and their favorite is Guinness. That dataset then creates a virtuous loop, allowing agencies to optimize the TV program selection against audience preferences. In a way more granular than Scarborough or MRI allows. 
Uh Oh. Not Loving This
A new browser blocks programmatic advertising. Now why’d they go and do that? 
Friday Funday
Downton Abbey stars become, like, so “Valley Girl” and the result is hilarious. 
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