March 7, 2016 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…


Remember when we said something crazy like maybe a good advertising campaign was the way to beat ISIS recruitment in the US? Well, the Department of Justice has brought together a dream team of tech and ad professionals to do just that. Representatives from Google, Twitter and ad agencies are participating. Apple seems to be absent. 
A recent VCU Brandcenter research study came up with a new insight: Consumers are more attached to brands that teach them something. For example, all that sampling at Trader Joe’s? It’s not only providing a Pavlovian reward for shopping there, but teaching customers how to cook on a budget. Makes sense, everyone remembers his first-grade teacher. The student-teacher relationship is a powerful emotional connector. This is a useful insight for content integration, native advertising, even a B2B call to action. 
While the federal government can’t convince Apple to unlock a couple of mobile phones, AT&T is quietly selling consumers’ geo-location data to billboard company Clear Channel, allowing Clear Channel to offer better qualitative information about the audiences passing its billboards, The data will be anonymous, but will provide Clear Channel information like Billboard A is more likely to attract families with children than Billboard B, making it a better choice for a Disney ad. The next step would be able to confirm in-store visits post billboard exposure, also accomplished with mobile geo-location data. This would help provide attribution for the offline media world of billboards, which can be a real challenge for marketers. Of course there are some who are worried about privacy concerns. Senator Al Franken has written to Clear Channel expressing concern about the true anonymous nature of the data. Considering how frequently our agency meets with mobile reps, who are able to connect mobile ID to households to businesses to desktops to in-store visits, I’d say the cat is probably already out of the bag. 
It only comes around every 7 years – Leap Day. What did you do with your extra day this year? Here some of the fun ways that brands jumped onto the Leap Day bandwagon. 
AT&T to launch its own over-the-top TV solution, partnered with DirectTV, to compete with Netflix and Comcast. Got that? If not, don’t worry, the TV portals, bundles and content fragmentation is migraine inducing. Key takeaways? Consumers won’t need a subscription, consumers will have wide range of content choice, consumers won’t need a technician visit for a box install. The latter of which is a huge win for everyone fed up waiting all day for service that never arrives. If, of course, AT&T can really pull this off. 




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