April 14, 2016 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…


Online Video Audience Insights
Heres a hint: spot length should be different for Millennials versus Boomers. And different platforms – tablet versus mobile phone – offer different Return on Objectives. 

If Being A Grownup Means Watching Presidential Debates
…then hand me the coloring books. Millennials, who are more interested in experiences than acquisitions, now want to experience being a kid again. And some smart brands are leveraging that experience.


Nielsen Announces A Really Useful Tool
…in using its data for cross-channel campaign planning and measurement. The cloud solution claims to measure how advertising and content change consumer perception, in real time. This product joins a host of other attribution and analytical tools available to advertisers. Considering 1) there exists an increasing number of potential consumer touchpoints 2) there grows simultaneous ad blocking in said touchpoints 3) there exists limited ad budget growth – we applaud the proliferation of attribution tools hitting the market. And we hope they continue to become affordable for mid-level advertisers. On another note: that Nielsen Purchase of eXelate, a data supplier, is looking smart. 


Big Conference This Week
…where Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg unveiled plans for the next decade. Without giving too much away, we can reveal they include 360-degree video created by drones and relayed via bots. In the meantime, read here why the future of TV is social media

In Other Conference News
Movie theater owners convened this weeek to plan their future and combat declining attendance. With home theater systems affordable and so much good content on demand, who wants to shell out $100 for a family of four to see movies in the theater. Sean Parker, of Napster fame, proposes a disruptive model where movies in theaters cam simultaneously be sold to home viewers, at an elevated price point. I seem to recall Mark Cuban predicting this a decade ago. I’ll be interested to follow Parker’s business, The Screening Room.



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