April 29, 2016 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…


Comcast Acquires DreamWorks Animation
We have frequently written about the debate over which entity rules the media universe: pipes that carry content or the content that pipes carry. That debate is continuously evolving since now content carriers are becoming content creators, e.g. Netflix and Amazon creating their own programming. In a splashy example, this week we learned Comcast bid $3.8 billion for DreamWorks Animation. Comcast, a cable provider, which also owns NBCUniversal, can leverage its properties – like theme parks – to extend branding and merchandising opportunities for DreamWorks movies. In your face, Netflix. And in your face, Disney. Creative visionary Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-founder, and former chairman of Disney Studios, will become chairman of DreamWorks New Media, a division focused on TV content.


 iPhone’s First Fall
Speaking of strong creative visionaries, this week Apple reported its first YOY decline in iPhone sales. There are so many potential HBR (Harvard Business Review) case studies here, that I’m not sure where to start. Certainly one hypotheses is a contracting China economy means fewer iPhone sales. But I’ve long wondered what would happen to Apple once Steve Jobs passed away. Is this a blip on a really, really iconic brand? I mean, sales are down, but revenue is still very strong. Or the beginning of the end for a brand gone stale? The HBR case study I’d like to see is the tale of two technology cities 1) Apple: CEO Steve Jobs employed a forceful, driven, monarchy style leadership, pushing designers to produce his vision 2) Google: Founders believed every hire should be smarter than the previous, creating a team of visionaries.


Texting Is The New Email
What do your customers want?   Texts.   Considering there are several hundred million Americans with smart phones, who glance at them an average of 150-200 times daily, this should come as no surprise. Not only that, but the open rate is over 90%.


Your Fun Friday Video Clip of the Week

Kelly Ripa discusses feelings over spat with ABC.


This Week’s Favorite Execution of Social Media
was crafted by Lowe’s. Short videos – emphasis on short – capture Millennial first-time homebuyers’ attention on do-it-yourself projects. As an avid HGTV before-and-after enthusiast, I often wonder, “How’d they do that?” This is the kind of content that could just as easily be used as a linear TV campaign, but that would take a great leap of faith from marketers to move so far from the one-way pitch.


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