May 5, 2016 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…

Hulu’s Game Changer
You may have read this week about Hulu jumping into the pool of cable killers with its skinny bundle. This new subscription service will offer viewers live, local, sports and news channels, in addition to on-demand programming, without a cable or satellite subscription. But this isn’t your average content alternative, because the user experience is also getting remodeled. By contrast, let’s take Netflix, for example. By the time a consumer pays the Netflix subscription cost, as well as cost of internet service, the bundle isn’t really all that much of a cost savings over a premium cable subscription. The same would basically apply for the new Hulu “skinny” bundle, meaning there would be some savings, but not that much, by the time a user also buys internet service. Ah – but here’s where the Hulu offering gets interesting. The user experience promises to be significantly better – personalized content recommendations, user-controlled features, easy discovery, etc. Oh, and, by the way, we’re hoping it could also be an opportunity for spot market addressable advertising, as hinted by Hulu’s deal with BrightLine. That deal will create ad units viewers can interact with in their living rooms, a first for a streaming service. And all this measured by Nielsen and Millward Brown.

Live, From?In more TV news, Nielsen unveiled research this week illustrating which type of linear TV shows is most likely viewed live. Which leads us to ponder: Which should trump the other? 1) Qualitative research, informing us which shows more highly index against our target audience. e.g. news programming for small-business owners or 2) whatever is viewed live.

Friday Funday : How A TV Spot Is More Than Funny
Why do you eat a protein bar? For the pure deliciousness or simple accessibility? This brand tapped in beautifully to the pain point of life’s little derailments in a series of humorous spots. Every time I see a campaign like this, I know some brilliant ethnographic research was involved.
And here’s a bit of a different video approach to basically the same pain point– families with full plates, hectic lives and not enough time to connect.

What Will They Think Of Next?

Really interesting integration of print and video, literally.  Forbes Magazine will insert a video player inside its print magazine, offering a :30-second video ad on a paper-thin surface.




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