May 24, 2016 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…


Seeking The Invested Retail Customer
So many societal areas seem to be evolving all at once. There’s a real possibility the two-party political system could fracture. And why would anyone be surprised? Millennials want choice and feel cheated with only two presidential candidates. TV isn’t just that big screen in your living room, allowing viewers to consume content on any device they want, whenever they want.The sharing economy means ownership isn’t valued the way it used to be. As further evidence, this week Macy’s reported earnings plummeted 40% over the first quarter. And they aren’t the only retailer with dismal earnings and lackluster traffic. Recession wary consumers value sound investments and experiences over conspicuous consumption. Smart marketers will pay attention to the new value consumers place on investments and experiences and adapt brands to deliver a new promise.
Conservatives Ponder Unfriending Facebook
  We’ve  written previously about Facebook’s experiment manipulating emotions. And we’ve written cautionary advice to social media readers to pay attention to the fact that publishers optimize content based on personal preferences, reinforcing preexisting biases. But last week, I must admit a raised eyebrow at the audacity of Facebook routinely suppressing news stories of interest to conservative readers. I understand that traditional newsrooms have the same bias – hello, Fox News. It’s just I had hoped the bias Facebook serves up was based on an algorithm of our own actions. Conservative Congressionals are calling for an inquiry, but there’s this sticky issue of the First Amendment.

Snap! That time of year when new network TV programs are announced and others canceled. Click here to see if any of your favorites made the cut. Back to my initial “everything is evolving” observation: Parallel to the traditional TV Upfronts, the NewFronts, digital media‘s answer to the Upfronts, ran last week. NewFronts is where non-traditional content gets rolled out to agencies, content from groups like AOL, Google and Yahoo. Overheard from one New York media buyer, “Wow. Look at all the shows YouTube is launching. How can they afford that? Oh, they’re all five minutes long.”


One More Thing About TV
I recently wondered about the value proposition to consumers with Hulu’s new “skinny bundle” arguing that once you aggregate the cost of internet service with a la carte content, you really don’t save all that much. I may stand corrected since reading about the increasing adoption of over the air antennas. If the antennas freely transmit most local sports and news, as well as network programs, that may make the skinny bundling a skinny price.
Friday Freebie
Free Adobe and e-consultancy report on the digital challenges marketing directors are facing. Can you relate?
In The Spirit of Marketers Chasing Audiences
…as defined by behavior versus demographic, we tip the hat to Viacom, which reached a data-fuse deal with American Express, to target consumers, mapping media habits to purchase habits. Nielsen has a similar product we appreciate called Local Buyer Reach.




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