June 6, 2016 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…


How Well Do You GA?
If you don’t know “bounce rate” versus “exit rate,” here’s a really helpful article outlining Top 10 Reports marketers should be pulling from Google Analytics. We are often asked to use Google Analytics (GA) to report the efficacy of an advertising campaign, While there are certainly many insightful reports, it’s important to remember that GA is meant to inform user experience optimizations post click. Not ad campaign optimizations leading up to clicks. My favorite report? A trend graph of returning visitor activities.
Calling Edward Snowden
After the government and Apple standoff, Facebook decided it had better get into the encryption business fast, lest users take their conversations to another digital ecosystem. Of course how that encryption will interfere with the collection of behavioral data that marketers rely on so heavily, which, in turn, makes Facebook the profit giant it is today, remains to be seen. And it’s going to really, really tick off law enforcement. 
Positive Social Media News
Periscope, an app for live streaming video — having run over 200 million broadcasts — will take down abusive comments. Hello, are you listening Twitter? 
Future TV Metrics About Scale
Wayne Friedman of MediaPost’s TV Watch has an interesting take on TV’s future currency. A hint: It’s not so much about the audience delivery of a particular program on a particular platform, but about rolling up content to compete at scale. Considering most networks are still hyper-focused on each other, rather than outside disintermediation (Netflix, Hulu), leaving the conversation of ratings points makes sense for the sale side. Not sure how well it will be received from the buy side. What is interesting here is the idea of fusing first-party advertising data with traditional TV viewing. That can’t come to the spot market soon enough. 

Marketo Sold
Snap! Should have bought that stock last month. Marketo, a marketing automation software tool, was sold for $1.8 billion. That’s nearly two-thirds the anticipated value of Yahoo.



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