October 7, 2016 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week

Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week…


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Google Announcing Several New Features at Advertising Week
One of the most disruptive is an assertion that YouTube impressions are better at driving conversions than linear TV. But here’s a question: Why, then, does Google advertise on linear TV? YouTube and linear TV, while both forms of video advertising, certainly have different decay rates. We see the marketer choice not so much as an either/or, but difference of degrees. I would guess that Google would make the same assertion, simply hoping to siphon share from linear TV. But, at the end of the day, if that’s Google’s intention, would you trust it to measure itself? Look what happened with Facebook video last week when it said “oops, we made a minor math error” in overestimating video views.
Speaking of Facebook
Their canvas ad unit, now with 360 degree, is pretty awesome. It should help to build brand stories.
Eye To Future
In the soap opera that surrounds the Redstone family, parent company National Amusements is trying to re-merge CBS and Viacom. As background, the two companies diverged in 2005 as separately traded entities.) One senior analyst, expressing caution, said that, in this digital age, the horse has left the barn. “Unless CBS has a time machine, there is nothing they can do to get kids and teens to go back to watching scheduled, ad-supported linear TV.” That said, a desire to unite content with distribution might exist. CBS is not a distribution partner in the same vein as, say, Verizon. But one might argue its model is a “soft” distribution system via legacy carriage rights. In other words, its content is contracted to be distributed on all kinds of platforms While it’s no NBC-Comcast marriage, there must be some economies of scale. In any case, someone is bullish because stock prices for both companies were up this week.  
Send In The Clowns
In what may be the strangest and scariest meme of the week – have you heard about the terrorist clowns? Seriously, this isn’t just an average case of coulrophobia.  Even Stephen King and The Joker would scratch their heads at this one. Media outlets around the country are reporting on clown threats of violence, started via social media. Schools have been closed. Children have been lured into woods. There are sightings in South Carolina, California, New Jersey, New York – 10 states so far. Nothing like a surreal, violent clown threat to move the conversation away from the circus of the general election.

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