Media Trends to Watch This Week – February 3, 2017

Super Bowl Sneak Peek
In case you actually need a bathroom break, or, conversely, don’t mind a little plot spoiler, here are some of the commercials you’ll see at this year’s Super Bowl. Lots of creativity here. One spot you won’t see, is a commercial from the brand GNC. The NFL decided at the last minute that since some of GNCs supplements contain banned substances, a commercial might not be so welcome at the most-watched football game of the year. Bit of a tough blow for GNC, which has been working hard to overcome declining sales.

Puppy Bowl
And if you’re more into the beer by 6:30 pm Super Bowl, you may be interested in the virtual reality setup for this year’s Puppy Bowl, airing three hours before the big game. We not only love the creative genius that was the Puppy Bowl invention 12 years ago, but applaud Pedigree’s taking it to the next level with virtual-reality integration. Check out the Puppy Bowl from a dog’s perspective here.

Zuck Does It Again
Facebook posts over 50% revenue increase in Q4 2016, mostly fueled by mobile ads. Will be interesting to see what rabbit Facebook pulls out of its hat to maintain that growth trajectory.

Privacy Concerns with Cross Screen Targeting
Well, well. This may put a bit of a crimp in a cross-device campaign. Watchdog groups are enforcing compliance that will allow consumers to opt out of cross device targeting.

Pinterest Rolls Out SEM
Pinterest introduces search ads. Pinterest’s 2 billion monthly searches is tiny compared to other social sites. And while most searches on Pinterest are by subject, rather than by brand name, we’ve read other studies that show Pinterest users have high purchase intent. So for visual-oriented retailers, like furniture shops, Pinterest search exposure is a real win. Imagine the Pinterest user who searches “living rooms” for design ideas, and sees an ad for “Pottery Barn.” By the way, we see this as a real coup for Kenshoo, the search-engine marketing ad server, who has partnered with Pinterest on this launch

Marketing Trends 2017
Helpful op-ed on three trends marketers should own in 2017. One surprising tip? Emojis. Yes, you can even order pizza on Twitter with a pizza slice emoji. Of course, someone needs to start a course on decoding emojis. You include the wrong vegetable in a text to your teen, and, let’s just say, all heck can break loose.


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