May 17, 2013 MediaStruction

Media Trends To Watch This Week – May 17

May 17, 2013


Here are the items from the perpetually evolving advertising world that caught our eye this week….


Disney is like the “cool” parents of broadcast networks, as they throw aside the need to tightly control content. It will make available live streaming on multiple devices. We will be interested to see how this viewing is measured.


Oops, and here it is. ABC will test mobile measurement.


Check out some of the new fall pilots announced at this week’s upfront. Which ones do you think will stick?


As we predicted (having said the idea of a Facebook phone is about two years too late), the first Facebook phone is a dud.


Speaking of mobile phones, Windows 8 phone will come with an FM radio. This will be helpful when the power goes out. Oh, and could be a boost for radio industry.


This is a cool advertising tactic, if you want to reach taxi users. It’s the interactive next-gen of taxi TV.


And if you just feel like hurting your head, read this story about the quantum computer joint venture between Google and NASA.



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