Marilois Snowman

Founder & Chief Executive Architect

Marilois began her career as a journalist, where she discovered her passion for asking and seeking answers to the big “what-if and why-not” questions.  Her inquisitive nature was the fuel for the creation of Mediastruction as a data-led media agency – one that continues to be uniquely positioned in its use of AI tools and advanced modeling as core inputs to each media plan. Marilois’ thought leadership is highly sought after.  Her weekly blog on the Mediastruction website is often picked up by industry outlets.  She is a contributor to MediaPost, and she serves on the Scarborough Advisory Board of Nielsen Media Research, the I-COM Data Storytelling Council, and the I-COM Incrementality Council.

Jenna Umbrianna

Chief Development Architect

Jenna has spent her entire career at the forefront of the data-driven media industry, creating business units around emerging adtech capabilities since the first self-service buying platforms emerged in the late 2000s. In 2019, she was nationally recognized as an AdWeek’s Media All-Star, where she was referred to as “a force of innovation throughout her career”. Umbrianna previously held key leadership roles at Hill Holliday, Havas, and Anagram, where some of her notable achievements included launching one of the industry’s very first programmatic trading desks, and leading a major agency transformation that doubled the size of the agency business. As Chief Architect at Mediastruction, Umbrianna draws from her entrepreneurial experiences and her machine-learning expertise to drive the agency’s solution strategy, architecture, and corporate growth initiatives.