Case Study

Artificial Intelligence


The digital landscape is consistently changing, and it can be difficult to optimize for messaging, spend, and by the best performing digital channel. Generally, optimizations are made manually and in silos, which can lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

A financial brand client had separate teams optimizing its top digital channels (search, social, display, online video) separately and once a month. While each team optimized Its digital channel, the synergistic impact of one channel to another was unknown. Several attribution partners were tested, but the signals were mixed.


This platform makes buying decisions based on extreme multivariate testing of audiences, bids, keywords, targeting, domains, creative and placements to optimize the digital journey at an inhuman scale.

Always on – 24/7

  • It works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, buying media, making bid adjustments, understanding which creatives, what time/day, what channel, keyword expansion/testing/deletions – It makes thousands of decisions a day within a given campaign.
  • It continuously learns with each decision it makes and interaction it has with a customer, utilizing past and current data to drive greater campaign efficiencies with adapting to brand and activity.


Artificial Intelligence platform to autonomously manage campaigns across social, search, display and online video. AI performs hundreds of thousands of mini test & learns at a scale not humanly possible. It optimizes not only within one digital channel, but across all synergistically.


After deploying this platform, we were able to review year over year results,

H1 2017 vs H1 2018

  • Decreased CPA by 76%
  • Increase conversion actions by 230%
  • Improved CTR by 95%
  • Decreased CPC by 27%
  • Increased volume of clicks by 24%
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