Case Study

Innovation in Radio


Promote direct-to-consumer canine DNA test kit as a creative Mother’s Day gift.  Media channel needed to provide time and space for creative effectiveness, for positive emotional connection and brand recall. It also needed to support existing digital channels, which drove consumers to custom landing page. Team desired analytics insights to prove ability to scale campaign. Mediastruction was provided a limited budget and short window, leading up to Mother’s Day.


Utilize radio in one local market and flight campaign over a short window prior to Mother’s Day 2018. Determine the effectiveness of advertising and the return on investment via attribution analytics tied to lift in digital engagement.


Select radio station with a high qualitative index against female target audience of affluent, dog owners. Selected station that met ethnography criteria with a bonus of using its strong, cross-platform measurement capability.

  • 12-day campaign leading up to Mother’s Day 2018
  • Station exposure: Combination of produced spots, jock endorsements, and promotional announcements
  • DJ endorsement with well-known morning team member, producer and social media content creator, as well as dog owner.
  • Premium placement of live reads during AM Drive
  • Custom Promotion – Kicking off the station’s Yappier Hour events that happen May-October (for people and their dogs) at upscale hotel. Client was the first sponsor kicking off 2018
    • Custom 30-sec promotional spot
    • Custom web contest page
  • Campaign attribution measurement via Entercom’s Audience Analytics – evaluate website traffic from market pre and post campaign, attribute what traffic came from radio station campaign, and back into DNA kit sales associated with these web visits.
    • Matches time-specific advertising data to website data to provide predictive data patterns
    • Measure the effectiveness of each individual piece of creative or daypart
    • Measure lift of organic versus incremental traffic


  • On average, 19 new people went to the clientwebsite each time a spot aired (regular schedule, not promotional)
  • Airtime analytics showed 771 new visitors to website attributed to the radio campaign
  • Insight: – It wasn’t the DJ live reads that were most effective, as anticipated. Rather the produced spots, voiced by the DJ, were 40-94% more effective for driving new traffic to website than DJ live read or regular branding creative.
  • Midday was the best performing daypart driving 46%-220% more new traffic to website vs. other dayparts
  • 2,230 pageviews to the client contest banner on the general MAGIC contest page (high numbers for a short-duration promotion)
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