Case Study

Innovation in TV Media Buying


Feld Entertainment launched a new show, Marvel Universe Live. The show was unlike other entertainment shows Feld had brought to the market, necessitating a television investment to deliver awareness and affinity. Additionally, Feld required :30-second creative to tell its story. However, the team was challenged with television budget constraints, inhibiting the team’s ability to achieve appropriate reach and frequency goals. Specifically:   

  • Normally the agency can strategically utilize :15 creative (at a lower cost than :30 seconds) to stretch dollars and hit ideal reach/GRP goals
  • Client needed 5 weeks of advertising leading up to show dates
  • Media Designer had mandate to follow daypart mix guidelines, which ask for large amount of primetime exposure, an expensive day part.


Television buy was created with mix of linear and Over The Top (OTT) purchase. The OTT content was long-form, full-episode television content, accessed via app, connected TV or any service that provides content over the internet. Media Designer targeted women 25-49, with children 2-11, a more precise audience than is allowed with linear television. OTT partner had access to high quality, long-form content at a CPM/CPP that was 70% lower than Prime and lower than every other daypart purchased in the market. Real-time delivery reporting was provided via comprehensive dashboard.


  • OTT helped reach that highly qualified engaged audience missed with limited affordable primetime that was too costly via traditional broadcast TV partners
  • OTT added 13% reach to the total campaign when combined with linear TV and cable
  • OTT campaign ended with a high video completion rate at 92%
  • 92.1% of OTT impressions served were viewed on large screen, which research shows increases message retention.
  • Marvel Universe Live met and exceeded ambitious sales goals by 12%
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