Sometimes it helps to break down the service offering

Mediastruction services emerge from a strategic, data-driven approach.

Consumer Insights

Understanding consumer beliefs and behavior is important to ensure your media plan connects with your target audience. As media choices evolve quickly, Mediastruction continually monitors your consumer preferences so that we can leverage emerging media opportunities.

Media Strategy & Planning

In media planning and media buying, it’s not just about TRPs and impressions and cost. Ok, it’s actually a lot about that. But media planning and buying is about something more. It’s about knowing your consumer, finding the media outlets he/she consumes, and then building meaningful engagement. Of course, ultimately, it’s also about ROI. We get it.

Media Buying

When buying media, we are definitely more left brain. Logical, rational and analytical. We use ratings subscriptions, qualitative, technology and elbow grease to ensure your media plan delivers the most for your ad dollars. Then we ensure you receive every impression we negotiated. If not more.

Analytics & Measurement

Today, it is not enough to report on media delivery. With sophisticated tools and analytics engineering, Mediastruction will measure your campaign’s efficiency against sales, ensuring a demonstrable return on investment. You will understand cost per incremental sale by media channel; quantitative analysis of synergy between media channels and sensitivity analysis of declining returns by media channel. Even more exciting, Mediastruction can forecast sales against media plans.

Posting & Reconciliation

We track every media expense; we track negotiated ratings at 100% and bank underdelivery; we track every invoice to ensure it matches insertion orders. This is a lot of tracking. Frankly, it’s a headache. We’ve done our job if this looks super easy to you.