Mediastruction Leadership Bios

Marilois Snowman

Founder and CEO

Jennifer Ratcliffe

Media Designer

Allison Conley

Media Designer


SEO Director

Leslie Zella

Reconciliation Analyst

Shanting Sandy Hsu

Data Analyst

Taylor Sherman

Assistant Media Designer

Valeriu Tomescu

Data Scientist

Artificial Intelligence Partner

Mediastruction employs an artificial intelligence partner for digital media bid management, as well as digital algorithmic attribution and optimization. Our Forrester best-in-class AI partner simultaneously manages online display, search engine marketing, social media and email marketing – from one, integrated platform. With our AI platform, it’s as if ad servers for search, social, display and email had a baby with an attribution tech stack. Our AI platform does the work of 50 people, with more testing and optimizations across channels than humanly possible.