THINGS TO KNOW IN MEDIA – December 8, 2017

Facebook’s Facial Recognition
We, consumers, can all admit that we’ve traded privacy for convenience. When we use a mobile map app, for example, our location is tracked. Our movements are thrown into a data mix and interpreted in a way as to signal intent.  So we, the consumer, receive relevant ad messaging, which, in turn, funds the apps that make our lives so convenient. What’s next?  In a move straight from “Minority Report” Facebook has filed for a patent to interpret consumers’ facial expressions, in an offline retail setting, tie it to mood, and then optimize marketers’ response. As an aside, Facebook is the largest facial recognition database in the world, with more than 300 million photographs uploaded daily. You can read more about it here. But, as if to prove my point about trading privacy for convenience, you will need to register with The Sunday Times.
2018 Media Predictions
Kantar’s media and digital predictions for 2018 have some great insights. One of my favorites: ROI becomes more of a journey and less of a destination. ROI is like the life of a pilot. Once you’ve arrived at the destination, it’s time to pack up for the next flight. This is especially pronounced in the world of media planning, an industry with evolution at light speed. No time to sit on findings when everything can change in a nanosecond. The goal of ROI is more continual virtuous circle.
Hats Off, Wells Fargo
Darn you, Wells Fargo. Just when you’re in the news again for predatory sales and fake accounts, you come out with this holiday ad to rival any Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. Seriously, I dare you not to tear up just a little bit when you see this spot. Honestly, it’s as if an ethnographer checked off every type of emotional bonding device and baked them into a fruitcake of TV ads – theme music, food images, family, multi-cultural, holidays. Almost makes you forget about all those accounts you never signed up for. Gotta hand it to you, marketing team at Wells Fargo. You had quite the PR challenge and faced it with no lack of confidence.
How To Advertise on Amazon
Every time I read about Amazon, I think of that line from the classic 50s version of Superman. “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s SUPERMAN!” Just when you think Amazon is an e-retailer, it’s a brick and mortar store. Then it’s a pop-up experiment. Then it’s an AI assistant. Then it’s a data warehouse. Then it’s a powerful advertising ecosystem. It’s not hard to imagine how effective Amazon advertising might be, when you consider twice as many consumers start purchase searches on Amazon than on Google. Read here for some how-tos re: Amazon advertising.
Friday Freebie
Register to download a list of the top 12 emails of 2017. E-mail is such a crucial part of the consumer purchase journey. Read here for inspiration.
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