Olympics & Snapchat – Check It Out Tomorrow
It’s the perfect solution for the digital generation, which often follows sports in social-media powered micro-moments. Snapchat and NBCUniversal, a Snapchat investor, are instituting a new Snapchat live feature to stream key Olympic moments and behind-the-scenes content. This is an expanded Olympics joint initiative between the two companies, which started at the Rio Olympics. Only this time there are double the number of advertisers. It’s really a cool feature, since it’s easy to move from NBC content to the athletes, themselves, on their Snapchat stories. You can track medals, game schedule, weather, etc. Great way to make Olympics interactive on a platform loved by younger demos. Goes live Saturday.
Gerber Baby Making History
Gerber baby brand has been around nearly a century and since 1928, on and off, there has been some sort of contest to see who will become “spokesbaby.” In 1952 the Gerber Baby Foods Fund was established, later becoming the Gerber Foundation, which has given more than $100 million in grants, scholarships and donations over the years. So it’s a brand with heart. This year, Gerber made history when its cutest baby contest winner was announced, Lucas Warren, the first child with Down syndrome to receive the honor.
At least one panel of experts cited the NFL as the Super Bowl’s Advertising MVP for its Odell Beckham and Eli Manning ad recreating Dirty Dancing’s penultimate dance moment. As the NY Times said, it was a “potent mix of comedy, pop-culture nostalgia and sympathy for a quarterback who had a rough season” and a “celebration in the first (season) since the NFL lifted its ban on dancing after touchdowns. As an aside, Giants #21 Landon Collins kind of steals the scene as he almost unconsciously gets in the dance spirit.
But my favorite was the more strategic campaign by Tide. In a 60-second spot, broken into mini segments that looked like stereotypical versions of other category ads, the audience was intentionally misled. What looked like the start of an ad for a car, beer, perfume, insurance, jewelry, soda, mattress, shaving cream, fitness and even AI, simply wasn’t. It was a Tide ad. Then Tide repeated it every game quarter. Have you ever watched Saturday Night Live and wasn’t sure if the commercial was real or an SNL spoof? That’s what Tide did. With this cheeky slight of hand, Tide turned every Super Bowl commercial into a Tide ad. Kudos.
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