June 19, 2017 MediaStruction


Over The Top
This week I’m going to talk about OTT, aka Over The Top devices. OTT describes those devices/services that stream long-form video content to the large screen at home. Some examples are Hulu, Netflix and PlayStation Vue. This week Fox network announced it’s adding live stream to Hulu. Why is this important? Because the more content that is made available via OTT devices, the more quickly cord-cutters and cord-nevers will shed traditional TV-delivery. Which is important for us, because traditional TV delivery offers our best chance of advertising. Currently the cord cutting hasn’t reached critical mass because consumers can’t get all the local news, live sports and premium content they want, in one place, within a price point that makes sense. For example, I can watch Netflix, but only if I subscribe to the internet. But what if I also want local news and sports? Oh, and I like Game of Thrones, which is on HBO. By the time I add the costs for internet delivery and an antenna for local programming, I may as well take that attractive Xfinity package that gives me all that, plus HBO. So Fox is taking the OTT ecosystem an evolutionary step closer by offering consumers Hulu’s premium programming, plus Fox content, on one device. If I only want Hulu + Fox, that’s a lot cheaper than my current cable subscription, which bundles a lot of stuff I don’t want. It’s not a blockbuster solution for all, but for some, it’s a hit.
Dual Duel
Regarding the Internet, the times were good; the times were bad. Twitter trolling is an issue so pervasive, Jimmy Kimmel has turned it into a hilarious bit with celebrities reading mean tweets. And then there’s this report that 35% of Gen Z won’t go swimming, fearing for ridicule of body type in this age of perpetual selfies. But social media can also amplify pure fun, as in this duel between quick service neighbors Wendy’s and Pure Water Ice & Tea Company. The two retail outlets, across the street from one another in Lubbock, Texas, use their signs to post digs at one other. “Anything you can brew we can brew better. Try our fruitea chillers,” says a sign at Wendy’s. “You better check yourself before you wreck yourself Wendy’s!” responds Pure Water. It’s been a hit to passersby and gone viral.
Location, Location, Location
Context is crucial. Marketing Land outlines a new report from the CMO Council, that reveals how negative ad experiences imprint consumer brand perception. The experience goes past adjacency to objectionable content. It includes things like intrusive ads, stereotype ads and “annoying” ads, the latter of which is frighteningly general. So it’s probably good timing that Facebook is promising to be more transparent about where marketer ads are placed when bought through Facebook. Click here to download the full CMO Council report.
Measurement Advice
“In the world of marketing, improvements are everything,” writes Kent Lewis in this really informative series on data and measurement insights. Not only does he provide links to three free tools to benchmark competitors online, but offers other actionable tips on analytics and career paths. I encourage the read.

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