Reach, Frequency or Intensity?
The Association of National Advertisers has an interesting piece this week on a new metric – intensity. The theory is that “reach” and “frequency” are measurement comfort food. With the amount of noise consumers face, the time is right for a different, more emotional, measurement. Hence, “intensity,” defined as a blend of attention, engagement and emotion. Fullscreen, a company specializing in branded content for social entertainment, ran an experiment to see how branded content stacks up to traditional advertising, in terms of “intensity.” Couple takeaways: 1) To make an impact, content must capture attention, drive engagement and connect emotionally 2) Digital creators “get” their fans and have broken the code for authentic connection. They have fans’ attention. 3) Emotional storytelling breaks through noise. Mediastruction’s media-mix model, Media OmniVu, includes behavioral science in its methodology, including brand metrics. We believe there’s more to forecasting consumer conversions than an econometric model of media exposure. Media amplifies messaging, but it also reinforces brand perceptions. To that end, a metric around intensity would be an interesting inclusion in the model. New goal: Find a brand interested in modeling sales against an “intensity index.” Anyone game?
Facebook – We Can’t Quit You
This week Cambridge Analytica, the company that leveraged Facebook data to create audience segments for political gain, went out of business. Facebook made several announcements in product development, including the hiring of more people and browser clearing to make Facebook a nicer place to visit. At the same time they announced new features for Insta video chat and WhatsApp. Oh, and it will work to find your true love. So, as said on The Skimm, “Facebook wants to move on from the Cambridge Analytica story and go back to controlling every aspect of your social life.”
Bill Cosby Ejected
This week Bill Cosby was kicked out of the TV Hall of Fame and Advertising Hall of Fame, following his sexual assault conviction. This is the first time ever an award recipient has been ejected. Cosby was famous for ads for Jell-O, Kodak, New Coke and Texas Instruments. Cosby was also removed from the Television Academy’s Hall of Fame.
This week Google Doodle has its first ever virtual reality 360-degree video. It was an ode to French illusionist and director George Melies. How very, very charming.
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