Facebook 3D Photos
Facebook lauched a cool little 3D photo feature, and it looks terrific. Viewers can scroll, pan and tilt photos, making images really pop, even without 3D glasses. Good news is marketers can up thier game with Oculus Go – bad news is marketers need an iPhone to create the visual content. Read this handy article from this week’s Adweek on ways brands can use this new feature.
Where Social Can Steer Brands Wrong
Researchers at Boston University’s Emerging Media Studies unit wondered if consumer perceptions, as expressed in social media, and captured with “listening” tools, accurately mirror Net Promoter Scores. NPS measures consumers’ likelihood to recommend a brand to peers. In other words, do consumers’ “virtual-social world” brand perceptions match their real-world, offline perceptions? The surprising answer is “no.” It’s the age-old vocal minority getting attention. Take, for example, Dick’s Sporting Goods, which decided not to sell assault rifles. That decision met with much online derision. But, offline, sentiment was positive. Same for Nike’s Kaepernick ad. Nike experienced a 61% increase in sold-out merchandise at Nike stores in the 10 days following the Kaapernick ad launch. Interesting read here from Harvard Business Review with practical tips on how to more acurately read the social data.
Brand Perceptions Impact Media Mix
Speaking of perceptions, if you think about the very complicated and fragmented consumer media journey, there are an increasing number of stops – what we call “touchpoints,” from media exposure to sale. It takes some work to calculate attribution for each of those touchpoints – especially ROI of offline media to offline sales. To make the calculations even more challenging is the realization that consumers have their own perceptions about brands, which can either amplify or minimize media exposure. It necessitates a lot more media exposure to combat a negative brand perception or combat low awareness. Click here for a free webinar Wednesday (Oct. 24) at 2 pm, EST,  to hear how Mediastruction has unified branding, PR, media and sales data to calculate media’s true ROI, in context of brand perceptions.