THINGS TO KNOW IN MEDIA – October 26, 2018

The Big Screen is Millennials’ “Good Screen”
We’ve seen research that says advertising on the big screen in the living room – as opposed to smaller screens – increases brand recall and affinity. This week we read that Millennial parents view the “big screen,” as the good screen, steering their children away from the constant small-screen obsession. At least the family is screening together.
Facebook’s Multi-Touch Attribution Tool
This week Facebook launched an MTA tool, so that Facebook and Instagram advertisers can assign partial credit to stops along the digital consumer journey. In other words, the tool is meant to empower marketers’ evolution from assigning the last touchpoint 100% credit. Rather than relying on cookies, it appears Faceook is using control groups to estimate incremental lift, across many touchpoints. Handy tool for small size marketers, spending the bulk of ad dollars on social. Read more here. 
New York Subway: Ad Innovation Mecca
Gone are the days of local doctor’s offices and dental services dominating subway advertsing. Now New York Subway is known for cutting edge, sometimes racy, ads that get a lot of attention. Click here for an interesting podcast from emarketer on the evolution of the New York Subway from “meh” to “OMG.”
Friday Freebie
The children of child-centered families are now adults in the acquisitional phase. Everyone has a voice and needs are expected to be customized. The generation has traded privacy for convenience – if you’re advertising to me, make it relevant. Download this free report from Full Contact and Marketing Dive on how artificial intelligence can facilitate a people-based approach to marketing. Granted, the report is a Full Contact pitch, but there are some useful industry statistics that may help marketers sell through investments in audience-centric marketing. Here’s one stat that leaped out: By 2021, the average number of devices, per person, will be 13.