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THINGS TO KNOW IN MEDIA – Sept. 21, 2018

Quora – The Introvert of Social Media Platforms
I’m kinda obsessed with the power of Quora as a social media platform. In case you’re unfamiliar, Quora is as if Facebook married LinkedIn married Twitter. Only if the people on Twitter were polite and informational. Users can register themselves as experts in a plethora of topics – nutrition, parenting, hobbies, politics, physics, educational reform, so on. Users can also pose questions to experts on any topic of interest. “What’s the long-term societal impact of artificial intelligence?” one user might ask. And the question is likely to be answered by an MIT researcher. Recently, Quora’s undertaken a bold experiment – paying users to pose engaging questions. This week, Marketing Land reported Quora has reached 300 million users, which surpasses the number I reported for Pinterest last week. Its user number encroaches Twitter and Reddit. On top of that, Quora announced a new feature, relying on machine learning to optimize ad delivery to interested users, rather than placing ads against contextual relevance. It will be interesting to see Quora’s growth trajectory with former Google and Facebook talent at the helm.
Connected TV Impressions Double YOY
A report this week from connected TV platform Innovid says CTV has grown 106% year over year. For marketers – the good news is the rapid, escalating consumer adoption of connected TV makes the dream of addressable television a reality. The bad news is the ridiculous number of platforms necessary to achieve scale in an addressable television campaign. All that said, there are some great benefits to marketers in CTV.
  • Targeting specific audiences using data
  • Segmented ad creative, delivering different messages to different audiences
  • Interactivity potential on some platforms
  • Marriage of awareness and direct response, although that makes measurement and optimization a tad messy

Political Advertising Evolves

Is it no wonder that this hilarious attack ad for a Congressional campaign in Minnesota was developed by the team for the candidate who was an entrepreneur successful in building retail brands? Ad Age calls it an “enjoyably odd political ad.” It’s a mockumentary, it’s humorous and it’s so very watchable.
Auction To Settle Sky Purchase

I’ve written quite a bit about the drama surrounding Fox, Comcast and Disney’s battle for British television network Sky, which broadcasts to 23 million European households. A bidding war for the network has been raging since at least 2016. This weekend is the penultimate moment, when over a 24 hour period, up to three bids will be entertained by Britain’s Takeover Panel in a rare and dramatic auction. The highest bid is winner.

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