Facebook Buys First Ever Super Bowl Spot

Facebook will run its first ever Super Bowl spot and it’s sparing no expense. The spot will promote Facebook Groups in a campaign meant to message “unity.” What makes the tactic expensive?

  • Star power. Chris Rock & Sylvester Stallone are featured.
  • :60-seconds. That’s a mini movie in today’s world of distraction.
  • :60 is double the going rate of the :30, which is currently at $5.5 million

Part PR, part branding, the video to reach 98 million viewers will be highly reviewed. That many viewers is kind of a drop in the bucket for Facebook, considering Facebook owns the 4 most downloaded apps of the decade: Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Think With Google’s Top Marketing Quotes of 2019

More year-end pearls of wisdom, this time from Think With Google on 2019’s top marketing quotes. Some of these are epiphany snippets are along the lines of “Why didn’t I think of that?” Others are reassuring in that many marketers struggle with the same unknowns. For example:

  • Cecelia Steenberg Forsberg, Global Head of Agency, H&M says, “The steps to digital maturity aren’t always clear, but it’s important to keep moving. The vast majority of companies are moving forward in the fog. Among the 1,800 managers surveyed by Bpifrance, 34% cite complexity as the number 1 obstacle to digital transformation.”
  • Julius Schroder, Mobile Specialist, Google Central Europe says, “As marketers we always think of growth. And the main driver factor is retention.”