Top Digital Trends of 2020: Headlines That Beg Opening

Digital Trends for 2020

Great article from the Internet Advertising Bureau this week outlining digital trends we will see in 2020. The biggest takeaway is the correlation of trends to the adoption of 5G, which provides much faster internet loads. Couple highlights:
  • 5G will make it easier for augmented reality adoption. At the risk of sounding like a Mandalorian Star Wars geek, you need greater internet access to enjoy the virtual world.
  • Esports will dominate. Real-time drama, real-time scoring necessitates access to any device, anywhere, any time. And that sports-drama adrenaline feeds the addiction to sports content, which means more real-time access. You see the virtuous cycle here, right?
Read more in the link above. But suffice it to say regulators will struggle to keep up to ensure digital technology is used for good and not for the dark force.

High Converting Emails

Quick read with tips for consumer-facing brands on best practices for holiday email campaigns. Some good advice on attention-grabbing headlines:
  • Who doesn’t like to be congratulated? Obvious and effective.
  • Conversely, try a little mystery, hinting at what’s inside.
  • Urgency
  • FOMO – Fear of Missing Out
  • Humor
  • Emojis
  • Good value upfront
Other good tips for content and specific holiday headlines here.

Instagram Stories Takes Off

Marketing platform Socialbakers released its Q3 “Instagram and Facebook Trends” report this week. The big takeaway is that Instagram Stories has grown 70% YOY and accounted for 10% of Facebook’s ad spend in Q3 of 2019. Facebook owns Instagram.
Social elements to leverage in 2020:
  • Social eCommerce (ranked 1st in Facebook engagement in 2019’s total interactions)
  • Influencer marketing (use of #ad by Instagram influencers grew 60% in Q3)
  • Video (enhanced by new features of Facebook Live, IGTV and interactive add-ons for Instagram stories.)
  • Finance, food & beverage are challenged to maintain audience engagement on social media.
  • Paid ads are seen on mobile devices 96% of the time. Mobile-first strategy is crucial.
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