Things to Know In Media This Week - June 28, 2024 - Mediastruction

Things to Know In Media This Week – June 28, 2024

Government Punishment for “Bad” Behavioral Media

Sometimes writers use soft language to describe what might be tough topics. For example, one might say “alternate” instead of “counterfeit.” In advertising, we say “behavioral” targeting, as a digital media strategy that some might perceive as “stalking.” Basically, behavioral advertising tracks consumer behavior across various apps and sites on the web, so advertisers can send relevant messaging to receptive audiences.

Behavioral advertising is a very big industry in the US.

But the government isn’t buying it. And that includes, in an extreme rarity, both parties of government.

The government is drafting a new privacy law, dubbed The American Privacy Rights Act. The first draft required companies to obtain opt-in consent for behavioral advertising. The second draft pulled that back and said businesses must offer opt-out options. But this week, in a double-down reverse, Congress has proposed a ban in behavioral advertising altogether.

It remains to be seen how effective advertising lobby groups can be in opposing the V3 iteration. Markups continued this week, before being sent to House vote.

Google Makes Huge Change July 1 – What to Know

As you probably know, Google’s Universal Analytics shuts down on July 1. Enter Google Analytics 4. (Who names these things?) If you’re not up on this –long story, short – you will lose all your GA historical data if you haven’t acted. This primer from Search Engine Land is super helpful.

Online Shoppers Are Changing Habits – Here Are Top Tips

Inflation is changing consumer habits. Combine that with Gartner’s recent CMO survey saying marketing budgets are getting cut and you have a mid-year wake-up call to reassess media and messaging – especially if you’re an online retailer. Read here some really interesting stats about consumer change and motivators.

Source: Resonate. Top 5 attributes, indexing over 100, of online shoppers, sorted by audience composition.

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